With the help to buy pills online, foreign antigens of Brucella are detected.


In the process of treatment, it is necessary to pay attention to increasing the protective functions of the body: vitamin therapy is carried out, dibazol and thymalin are prescribed.

During periods of remission in the chronic form of brucellosis, the patient is prescribed physiotherapy, preferably as part of a spa treatment, including UHF or paraffin applications. The most important thing in the prevention of brucellosis is the timely collection of information about the disease of animals with brucellosis and the assessment of the risks of foci of infection. As a preventive measure, complex veterinary and medical measures are carried out, which aim to reduce risks and eliminate morbidity among animals. In addition, in regions that are considered unfavorable in this sense, regular immunoprophylaxis of brucellosis is carried out - a live vaccine is introduced.

Workers of slaughterhouses and farms for keeping such animals are also vaccinated. Disinfection of raw materials is the most important measure for the prevention of brucellosis, as well as pasteurization of milk and other measures.


Bubonic plague yesterday and today.
Before the advent of antibiotics, the number of deaths from this most dangerous disease was 90% of the total number of those infected.